Social Media

Social Media

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     Just like SEO, the importance of a social media presence is ever increasing. Not only do social media pages give internet users quick and easy access to your company's information, but they also give quality "web credit" to your website via backlinks. The extreme popularity of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can improve both your company's internet visibility and your main website's search engine ratings. Thus, having accurate, active and up to date social media accounts is crucial in today's marketing world. Simo-Tech offers 2 different social media packages:

Account Creation

With this one-time service Simo-Tech will create you an account for any social media sites you desire, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and others. We will configure that account and do the basic setup of the page(s). The management will be up to you. We can supply you with management directions if you wish.

Account Management

This is our monthly service plan that allows company owners to sit back and relax while we make your daily, weekly or monthly posts. This ensures that you don't waste time fidgeting with the technicalities of social media, while still maintaining active and useful accounts to drive more website traffic and business.

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