Creating a Website - A Guide for Beginners

This guide is a simple outline of what you need to do in order to create a new website.

  1. Purchase a domain name

    - You should decide what you the the URL of your sire to be and try to purchase it if it is available. It is often best to buy the domain name from the same company you will purchase a hosting plan from. Some common providers are GoDaddy and BlueHost. You can simply Google "best web hosting" to browse other providers.
  2. Decide what type of site you want

    - A custom site in HTML5 / CSS3 coding languages is best for users who do not need to change content on their own. If you want a blog, or you'd like to frequently change content yourself, a WordPress site is best for you. There are other types of content management systems, but WordPress is the most popular.
  3. Buy a Hosting Plan

    - Once you have purchased a domain name and decided what type of site you want, you should buy a hosting plan (usually from the same provider that you obtained the domain name from). If you want a custom website built you may wait until after it is completed to purchase a hosting plan. However, if you would like a WordPress site, the hosting plan needs to be purchased before the web design can begin.
  4. Choose a web developer

    - There are many ways to find web developers. You can use a freelance website like UpWork or search the internet for a professional company. Of course, we'd love you to use Simo-Tech! You can't beat the quality or price of our work! Alternatively, you could try to build the website on your own by either using a website builder that you can purchase from some hosting companies or learning to code at a place like